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Carbon neutrality triples sales for Toast Ale brewery

Toast Ale, the first brewery to go through the B Corp certification process, brews their beer through a unique process of using surplus bread and lowering food waste whilst also donating all profits to charities that are fixing the food system.

While seemingly unique, the capabilities of reusing materials are something that most businesses can take the steps to achieve, especially towards the goals of carbon neutrality, which Toast Ale’s fans seem to also celebrate and champion.

Even with the issues presented by COVID-19 in the past year, their reports show that sales have vastly improved from 656,000 pints sold to an impressive 1.7 million.

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Atomic Innovation making B-Corp certification work for them

Passionate about sustainability, Micarla Sullivan and her co-founder Toby Clemson, were attracted to B-Corp certification but, already at capacity, they couldn’t begin to imagine how they could make it work. Sarah helped them create a plan prioritised into now, next and later goals that were achievable, despite their current workload.

Working with Profit Impact has enabled Micarla and Toby to take a stand about who they want to be and who they want to work with. As a result, they have attracted talent and clients who share their values. Plus they now have a clear path to B-Corp accreditation, broken down into manageable tasks.

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“It’s all about tangible actions. It’s not just a philosophy.
There’s a real change happening for future generations.
It's not a one size fits all solution.
Sarah understood our business and was empathetic about what we can achieve now,
and the steps we’ll take in the future.”

Micarla Sullivan, Atomic Innovation

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Charity partnership makes SimplyBusiness soar

With more of a B2B focus, Simply Business is an insurance provider for SMEs, who have also been the first in their industry to seek out the B Corp status, which has reflected their values in social responsibility.

In particular, they have scored incredibly well in theCommunities section of their impact reporting thanks to raising funds for disabled children charities, recently partnering with Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales.

They most recently announced that they reached a milestone of 750,000 active policies, making it one of the UK’s fastest growing insurance companies.


“As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, businesses have the opportunity to play an even greater, more positive role in society.

B Corps are held to the highest standards, and we’re thrilled to continue our journey as part of this growing movement that aims to redefine success in business.”

Alan Thomas, Simply Business

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