Sustainability Discovery Report

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You’re ready to take those first steps on your sustainability journey, but might not know quite where to get started. Rather than kicking off with a lengthy audit process that adds to your sustainability overwhelm, you need something that’s customised to your priorities, quick to digest, and easy to action. 

Our Discovery Report is perfect for businesses looking to take that measured first step on their sustainability journey. Our expert team will work with you to assess your progress and goals from a strategic perspective, assessing your gaps and opportunities for growth.

Your Sustainability Discovery: How it Works

So, how exactly do we help you find your feet on your sustainability journey?

Step 1 - Complete your sustainability scorecard

Tell us a little bit more about your current situation, and where you want to get to with your sustainability journey by completing our quick scorecard questionnaire. 

Step 2 - Clarity session with your very own Profit Impact Advisor 

Schedule your short, impactful call with a member of the Profit Impact team, as we take a deeper dive into your motivations, goals, and activity to date.

Step 3 - Receive your report

We’ll meet with you to review your tailored report, with our feedback.

What Do We Cover?

This is your snapshot overview of your risks and opportunities across your business and how they affect people, planet and profit, including:

- Your top 3 opportunities: 3 areas where we think you could be making more sustainable action.

- Results across your 8 sustainability pillars: How your organisation tracks against the things that matter most to you.

- A snapshot of your progress: An evaluation of how far you’ve come on your sustainability journey, and where you need to be headed next.

- 3 goals to get started: Say goodbye to sustainability overwhelm. Get 3, actionable steps you can easily get started on and create impact today.


Prices for small and medium-sized businesses £999 plus VAT.

All this for around 2 hours of your time!

We can also work with larger organisations so let's discuss what your needs and we'll create you a bespoke quote.

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