Better business starts with you.

The decisions you make today can create a brighter future for society and our planet. We are excited to be the one guiding you on your journey.
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Understanding and managing your impact is important to you.

The success of a business comes from more than just thinking about the money.

We believe if you commit to your social and environmental impact you will maximise your chances of long term financial success.

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Your trusted partner

You want a partner who has been where you are now and has reaped the benefits of putting people and planet first.

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Trussell Trust

3% of our revenue is donated to Trussell Trust. Trussell Trust are on a mission to end hunger and poverty in the UK.

Sadly since the onset of Covid-19 there has been a 33% increase in food parcels distributed in the UK.

B Leader

We have achieved the full
B Corp certification and our founder is a B Leader.

B Leader is a training programme designed by
B Lab UK that equips sustainability professionals with the tools and knowledge to guide businesses through the B Corp certification process.

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We keep our environmental impact low by doing minimal commuting and using refurbished hardware.

We have operational practices that minimise our carbon footprint.

Our remaining carbon will be removed by March 2022.

“Net zero transition represents the greatest commercial opportunity of our time.”
Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy

Be guided by someone who was once where you are, right now.

Sarah Whale Founder of Profit ImpactSarah Whale's signature

Sarah Whale, Founder of Profit Impact was once caught in the 90-day shareholder trap. She delivered the numbers that shareholders wanted to see, but that were completely and obviously unachievable.

She spent over a decade in operational finance, qualified in sustainable finance at Cambridge Institute and is now a proud B Leader; a training programme, designed by B Lab UK, to empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification. 

Sarah leads on sustainability matters for ACCA in The Practice Room – global peer to peer community discussions dedicated to supporting small and medium sized practices.

To move from being overwhelmed and stressed to proud and in control of your future you need a way to measure the tangible impact of your long-term decisions.

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Meet the team

Sarah Whale Founder of Profit Impact

Sarah Whale

Founder and Financial Sustainability Consultant

Sarah is a financial sustainability professional and has worked for many years supporting start-ups, SMEs and corporates.

Sarah has a personal passion for gender equality and supporting our young adults.

Natasha Headshot


Financial Sustainability Consultant

Natasha is a qualified accountant and governance specialist, with 20 years of experience in organisations ranging from domestic start-ups to multinational corporations.


Community Engagement Lead

Jimmy has an interesting marketing career history from being a founder of small businesses, to working internationally as a voice actor.

In his spare time, he can be found writing, painting or enjoying nature.

Our Values

Trusted partner

We are your go-to trusted partner. We provide transparent and factual information based on research and data. 

Solution oriented

We constantly look for ways to improve our products and services to support your mission to impact positively on planet, people and profit.


We know the challenges faced by  businesses to balance short term financial constraints. We're here to help you find a way through.

Always learning

Investing time in training our teams, keeping up to speed with technology and the sustainability landscape.
We always listen carefully to our customers to help us maximise your impact.

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