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We can help you with your B Corp certification, provide virtual FD support and identify commercial sustainability metrics that measure more than just financial performance.

We wrap our eLearning around this support so you can help your employees, suppliers, investors and customers on their sustainability journey too.

What We Do

Sustainability Consulting

Tailored solutions for you to grow your impact and value


workshops, courses and tools for finance & business leaders

Virtual Finance Director

Tailored finance
support for your business

Sustainability consulting

We tailor our consulting to meet your requirements.

Our sustainability snapshot assesses your readiness which helps you decide which route you want to follow.

We can provide you with tools and training to integrate sustainability into your business or we can manage the project for you.

If B Corp certification is something you aspire to  we can offer full support for the process through our B Leader services.

If your business has complex environmental or social requirements we partner with specialists to provide the appropriate expertise.

Take a read of our case study from Micarla Sullivan  at Atomic Innovation, who start start ups fast, to understand how we worked together with them.

Guided Learning

We offer education for you and your teams to support your business's financial sustainability journey.

We provide training modules. tools & templates as well as live workshops to maximise your chances of success.

Virtual Finance Director

Virtual FD services include monthly reporting, cash flow management, planning and forecasting. In addition we provide risk & governance, sustainable finance sourcing, support with your ESG measure and sustainability framework reporting

This service tends to be especially popular with businesses who sell sustainable products or services who may be looking for support to manage their financial growth, cash flow, as well as impact or sustainability reporting.

Take a read of our case study from a sustainability trailblazer Aimee Weller, of Thriv3, to learn how our services fitted with their needs.

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What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability to meet your needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. In other words, it's looking at the financial, environmental and social impact of your business on your community, now and into the future.
It's about creating a long term future for your business and your community. Across the planet we face many economic, environmental & societal challenges.
The SME business community is essential to drive the level of change required to support us to overcome these challenges.

Why is sustainability important for SME's?

Opportunities to innovate durable products and services.
Greater access to related grants, loans and investments for growth.
Fulfilling growing expectations from customers, employees, suppliers and investors.
Meeting increasing regulatory requirements to measure and report your environmental and social impacts. Responding to the overwhelming evidence that businesses which operate sustainably perform financially stronger in the long term.

How do I know if Profit Impact's sustainability service is right for my organization?

If any of these statements below resonate then Profit Impact services are likely right for you:
You want to strengthen the financial health of your business.
You are looking to prepare your business for a future sale, merger or investment round.
You are looking to transform your business into an organisation which is progressive and attractive to future employees and customers.
You are keen to minimise risks within your business.
You are interested in finding ways to benefit your customers, employees and suppliers.
You'd like your business to contribute to solutions that address wider environmental or social problems.

How is the price calculated and how can you guarantee our business value?

Our sustainability success framework fee depends on the size and complexity of your business. We are confident that our customers will feel they have received value from our service. We offer a full money back guarantee on the fee if a customer is not satisfied.
The sustainability implementation service has a 30% fee element that pays out if targeted KPI outcomes are achieved.
Both the recurring platform and the strategic finance consultancy fees are calculated based on the features and benefits which your business needs.
Our services are flexible to your requirements and we can create bespoke plans to suit your needs.

How do you work with our teams?

The sustainability service requires close contact with some of your executive team to support the research phase and naturally we will work closely with your finance team.
We have created a suite of services which allows you to select what best matches the level of sustainable and strategic finance expertise you may already have in your business and the capacity of your teams.
The Profit Impact team are experienced professionals who have led teams in industry. We understand the importance of clear communication and providing practical, realistic advice.