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SME Leaders are stuck in the 90-day trap...

Exhausted dealing with the day-to-day operations of the business.

Stressed working to 90-day financial goals to keep people happy.

Feeling the pressure to make decisions that map to short-term goals.

All of this make it impossible to plan for the long-term future of your people, your profit and the planet. If a lack of confidence shows in you, it could lead to a loss of confidence in you as a leader from the people who believe in you.

Doing business feels good,
but what if it also felt right?

Profit Impact are your sustainable business partner

Start your journey in 3 simple steps...
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Step 1: Schedule a call

The first step is to book a call so we can get to know your business structure, your values and goals.
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Step 2: Make a plan

Through a combination of consulting, courses and certification guidance we make a plan that meets sustainable, financial goals.
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Step 3: Track and measure

As we work towards your new goals for better business and a better life we track, measure and support your progress throughout.
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It's never been easier
to build a better business

Profit Impact make the process of conscious business performance
risk free for you and your business.

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Be guided by someone who was once where you are, right now.

Sarah Whale Founder of Profit ImpactSarah Whale's signature

Sarah Whale, Founder of Profit Impact was once caught in the 90-day shareholder trap. She delivered the numbers that shareholders wanted to see, but that were completely and obviously unachievable.

She spent over a decade in operational finance, qualified in sustainable finance at Cambridge Institute and is now a proud B Leader; a training programme, designed by B Lab UK, to empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification. 

Sarah leads on sustainability matters for ACCA in The Practice Room – global peer-to-peer community discussions dedicated to supporting small and medium sized practices.

To move from being overwhelmed and stressed to proud and in control of your future you need a way to measure the tangible impact of your long-term decisions.

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." - Albert Einstein

A year from now...

Imagine a business that people were proud to be involved in and willing to support you in your mission.

Imagine yourself as a happier, healthier leader having proved the value of your business to all stakeholders now and in the future.

A year from now, you'd wish you started today.
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