B Corp Services

What is B Corp?

The B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

In order to achieve certification, a company must:
  • Demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a score of 80 or above in their B Impact Assessment (BIA) and pass their risk review.
  • Make a legal commitment by changing their corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders, and achieve benefit corporation status if available in their jurisdiction.
  • Exhibit transparency by allowing information about their performance measured against B Lab’s standards to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on B Lab’s website.  
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What does our B Corp journey look like?

We’re delighted with our outstanding high score of 131.5, especially with the 80 points required to certify.

This means that we have gone beyond expectations to incorporate ethical values across the 5 sustainability pillars of the BIA; Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

If you'd like to learn more about our personal journey and our unique Impact Business Models, check out our blog.

Do you want to learn more about B Corp?

Learn at our Masterclasses - £125+VAT ->
In this introductory programme you will understand the history of the B Corp movement and framework, the key areas to consider before you start your journey and discover what an Impact Business Model looks like.

Ready to begin?

Group Programme - £1450+VAT ->
Designed for smaller businesses, which also comes with community encouragement and accountability.

1-2-1 Programme- £2500+VAT ->
Tailored solutions for any business that wants deeper learning and more hands-on expertise.

Do you need us to check your application?

Pre-submission Audit - £999+VAT ->
We assess and review your B Corp application to help speed up your application. We will review for any misunderstandings and offering suggestions on how to improve your score.

Do you need tailored end-to-end support?

Full Integration - Bespoke Pricing ->
Our most comprehensive B Corp package, we will take from the start of your journey with the SDGs, all the way through the BIA and the certification process. Finally, we will work with you to set goals for the future.
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As part of our Impact Business Models, we donate 3% of all revenue to Trussell Trust who are working to eliminate hunger and poverty in the UK.