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B Corp Certification with Profit Impact

Harnessing the Power of SMEs For Good

It might feel like as one SME you don’t have the power to create real impact. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Collectively, SMEs employ half of the UK’s working population and command half of the UK’s business turnover, making our impact as significant as big businesses. It’s our responsibility to lead the sustainable movement, and set the precedent for sustainable ways of doing business.

Certified B Corp

Reaching B Corp Status helps your business to:

Our B Corp consulting service is your path to becoming a part of the B Corp movement, building a sustainable, purpose-driven business community.

Our team of experts will work with you to come up with your bespoke business strategy that creates a positive impact on the environment, your employees and your community.

Together, we’ll create: 

- A crystal clear picture on how your business can become a driving force for good, and develop the foundations for your values-based business strategy.

- Best practice policies and templates, supporting narratives, and videos for your in-house training.

- Benchmark scoring of your business against other impact-led businesses in the same sector, region, and size.

Getting you B Corp Certified

- Build in a way that’s sustainable and scalable: B Corp certified businesses receive access to preferential financial funding earmarked to support sustainable business. 

- Improve customer retention and trust: More and more consumers are looking to support businesses that reflect their own values. When it comes to sustainability, achieving B Corp certification immediately shows your target audience that their concerns for the planet are shared and acted on by you. 

- Attract strong candidates: In order to attract and retain an increasingly Gen Y&Z workforce, sustainable credentials like B Corp are powerful tools in a competitive talent market. 

- Stand out as a competitive provider: With increasing requirements from larger businesses for value-chain transparency, you need to stand out as a compliant and competitive option.

Step by Step Guidance (from £1,250 plus VAT)

Our process includes:

Plotting the Course 

- Locking in your mission: Consolidating why B Corp is important to your business, and what it can help you achieve. 

- Stakeholder mapping: Considering your current stakeholder landscape, and how to bring the best impact to those in your business community. 

Kickstarting Your Impact 

- Team engagement and education: Get your people excited about their B Corp journey with sustainable upskilling.
- Implementing policies and processes: Actioning the ideas that deliver real impact and help bring you closer to B Corp. 

Ongoing evaluation 

- Benchmarking and gap analysis: Setting achievable goals and giving you the tools to quickly establish where you are on your B Corp journey.

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