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Case Study: How Whites Bakery Achieved Business Growth Through Net Zero Initiatives

White's Bakery is a premier bakery in Barnsley, Yorkshire.

They've been baking our high-quality confectionary products at their Worsbrough Bridge bakery in Barnsley since 1934.

White's Bakery, a fourth-generation establishment, has a rich history. By the 1980s, it boasted over 100 wholesale clients and a workforce of 70 dedicated individuals. Today, White's Bakery proudly serves local authorities, caterers, schools, hotels, and restaurants in the Barnsley vicinity. Additionally, they supply delectable fair-trade cookies to Wimbledon.

The Challenge:

  • How to prioritise net zero during a time of economic uncertainty.
  • Whites Bakery was coming through the end of Covid – as a provider to schools Covid-19 impacted the business significantly.
  • Revenue dropped 47% from the previous year which reduced average cash levels by 90%.
  • As well as a large fall in revenue, there was a sharp increase in uncertainty as the scale of the longer-term impact of the pandemic and the economic and political turbulence meant volatile trading conditions.

The Solution:

Our approach included:

  • In depth analysis of key business operations to identify short and long term net zero objectives.
  • Expert advice and education to empower Whites Bakery to be able to identify and implement realistic results that were fit for purpose for their business.
  • Access to market leading digital tools to assist in gathering of data and measuring Scopes 1, 2 & 3.
  • Knowledge transfer through group webinars with other local businesses.
  • Bespoke decarbonisation plan aligned to Public Sector PPN06/21

Key Results:

  • Integrated the net zero strategy into a business-wide strategy for growth which increased customer acquisition by 16% year in year with a minimum further 25% expected in 23/24.
  • The team did a full measure of all waste and split it into categories of waste type. Reducing waste to landfill by 89%.
  • Introduced vehicle tracking and quality management software. All drivers are now trained to improve driver behaviour to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear and the bakery is almost paper free.
  • Detailed measuring of energy costs and highlighting operational reductions, it was so effective Whites Bakery maintained absolute energy costs despite global energy price increases and activity growth

“Progressing Whites Bakery to a better place has motivated all of us to strive for long-term success. David White MD

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Written by:
Emma L'Amour