Profit Impact Welcomes Carra Santos

We understand that to truly make progress toward a sustainable future will require the custodians of financial decision-making to be able to grasp and share the change-making opportunities that this presents to their organisation.

We believe that driving the level of change required will take innovative thinking and action way beyond current existing learning within finance.

Our global challenges are great, but we believe that bringing innovative learning into organisations and finance functions will be transformative.

Transformative to both the organisations and to the leaders, by unlocking the purpose and fulfilment that they seek.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that sustainable futures educator Carra Santos has partnered with Profit Impact to work alongside us to deliver practical, thought-provoking learning opportunities for finance and business leaders.

Carra has a unique skillset; the combination of broadening people's knowledge through facilitation, thought provocation, and her passion for a sustainable future.

Combining a Masters in Sustainable Development in Practice with a twenty-year career in the creative industries, Carra works closely with industry leaders, educators, and advisors, sparking discussions about what lies ahead and why it matters - then working together to shape a thriving future for all.

Our transformative learning program is now incorporated into all of our B Corp services as well as the Finance Thought Leadership Programmes which we deliver.

Our customers go on a journey of learning, critical thinking, and practical action, taking them to a place where sustainability is understood and reveals clear steps to a brighter future.