Valuable sustainable value

There was a time when your business value was measured by profit maximisation.

As we transition to a sustainable future value will be viewed from a broader perspective.

These are the additional values you will consider to understand if your business is operating sustainably.

The value of the natural resources you are using to operate such as renewable energy and clean water. Do you take more natural resource out of the planet than you put in?

The value that people bring to your business. How well are skills and knowledge harnessed? Are your teams fit and healthy?

➡️The value that relationships and social networks bring to your business. How well developed are your internal comms, is there a culture of transparency and trust? How do you collaborate with local communities, voluntary organisations?

This may feel over-whelming from a calculation perspective if you are new to sustainability.

It's fine.

Your first step on your financially sustainable journey is to start to work out which areas apply to your business and what goals and measures your organisations want to put in place.

I'll share some of the key metrics over the coming weeks and months to help you.

Image courtesy of Clemens Van Lay, Unsplash