How can a Sustainability Snapshot benefit your business?

With the 2050 deadline for net-zero closer than people think, debating whether to incorporate sustainability into your business strategy is no longer an option.

It is increasingly worrying that 88% of chief executives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) claim to value sustainability, while 70% have struggled to embed sustainable practices and strategies.

Cost concerns and unfavourable government policies were identified as key obstacles to implementing sustainable solutions. 

Profit Impact offers to ease the panic with our tailored and affordable Sustainability Snapshot service to assess the current sustainable impact of your business and provide sustainability consulting on ESG reporting and sustainable business practices.

So you can understand how sustainable you are today to then plan for the future. 

You can then pursue this achievable strategy yourself, or with our help, but you can move forward reassured your business is heading towards long-term success.

So, let’s look at the 5 key stages of the snapshot process:  

1: Is the service right for you?

You need to be assured that our service is the best fit for you, so we have developed a snapshot pre-assessment to be certain your needs will be met, and your expectations are delivered. 

Expect questions on topics about your sustainability journey, and why you're taking your business to this crucial step.

This is our way of making sure that you benefit from our services and assess how we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

If you'd like to discover how businesses - just like yours - are achieving an 18% return by investing in sustainability, download our ROI Report for free today!

2: Get started on your sustainability journey

How much do you know about sustainability? With our help, you’ll understand what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are and more importantly, how SDGs are relevant to your business. 

You will also have exclusive access to our eLearning platform, where you can test your learning throughout. 

Our 60 minute Business Balance course will help you understand the relevance of sustainability to your business, and more importantly, how you can integrate and apply this knowledge of sustainability into your strategic planning.

This course will highlight 3 UK businesses that have achieved both sustainable and financial success, to help inspire your future direction and what you can expect to achieve. 

“Well written, informative and relevant. It inspired me to look at our sustainable practices as soon as I finished the course. Everyone should do this course”
Aidan Murray, AILA Recruitment

As a bonus, Profit Impact will provide 3 free licenses of our Business Balance course to share with your friends, so you can lead the way and inspire others to develop their own tailored strategies that foster company longevity.

3: Map out your sustainability journey

At this stage, you should now have some solid ideas of goals in mind for your business's sustainable future, have tested your learning and be clear on how sustainability could integrate across your business. 

Now you are ready to uncover your sustainable impact with our Discovery session. 

Of course, Profit Impact will guide you through this session with a video call for approximately 2 hours. 

We will discover what sustainability type you are by reflecting on what existing sustainability strategy your business has operated with, this is an imperative step prior to the written report. 

Understanding what key sustainability pillars need improving and what barriers you are currently facing is the first course of action. We can then work together to overcome and improve them.  

4: Benefit from a tailored written report

You are now ready to receive your bespoke written report that will outline how you compare to a B Corp today along with identified risks and opportunities for you to consider. 

The Sustainability Snapshot will include an assessment of your 5 sustainability pillars: employees, communities, customers, finance and overnance, and environmental impact. These pillars are fundamental to your overall sustainability goals and this assessment will help us understand where to focus your efforts to strengthen your business. 

A dedicated member of our team will schedule a follow up video call to discuss your final written report. This will be your opportunity to discuss one-on-one any results you need clarifying. 

Our team of qualified and experienced financial professionals is at your disposal to answer any further questions you may have.

5: Next steps/looking ahead

You can now move forward to build your sustainability strategy, using the sustainability snapshot as a bespoke guide to focus on what key areas you wish to improve. 

We offer several affordable services which can support you if you wish to benefit from KPI technology, senior support and sustainability expertise. 

These tools will help you start to implement your sustainability strategy into your business and witness a positive impact on your business performance. 

You are also free to use all that you have learnt and take your sustainability snapshot into your own plans. 

Profit Impact will continue to be by your side and provide you with some tailored advice and discuss any grants, loans and investments now more accessible to your business thanks to your future planning.   


A year from now, imagine a business that people were proud to be involved in and willing to support you in your mission.

Imagine yourself as a happier and healthier leader proving the value of your business to all stakeholders now and in the future.

A year from now, you'd wish you started today.

Our sustainability snapshot service will enable you to start easily today.  You can sign up here, or book a call with Sarah today! #ConsciousBusinessPerformance