One of my personal whys

My 30 year career has been building up to creating a sustainable finance consultancy business.

I have had more month-end financial reviews than I can remember. 

Reviews where the results were not always what some wanted to read.

I've led the charge on countless financial planning sessions.

Working out creative ways to align what we really thought would happen, over the longer term, to what someone else hoped would happen.

I've consulted time and time again as to how we can make a rosier financial forecast.

The most popular measurement of success has always been if the profit has landed at the number we expected it to be at.

This approach is unsustainable.

If you can take one thing from the last 6 months it is that you have to plan your business in a sustainable way. 

Is the way you operate sustainable for your profit, your people and your planet?

If your measure of success is whether you have achieved this year's targeted profit (the one you never actually believed in) then arguably you're setting yourself up for disappointment and weak impact.

I am absolutely sure that our sustainable future lies in the hands of our business leaders and investors.

For all you business leaders and investors who are leading the way here and demanding long term, holistic planning and goals I sincerely congratulate you.

I believe you will see long term positive impact on profit, people and planet.

I want to support these leaders and investors achieve their goals.

This is one of my personal whys.