How can our B Corp Ready service benefit your business?

With the 2050 deadline for net-zero closer than people think, debating whether to incorporate sustainability into your business strategy is no longer an option.

It is increasingly worrying that 88% of chief executives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) claim to value sustainability, while 70% have struggled to embed sustainable practices and strategies.

Cost concerns and unfavourable government policies were identified as key obstacles to implementing sustainable solutions.

Profit Impact offers to ease the panic with our tailored B Corp Ready service to assess the current sustainable impact of your business and provide sustainability consulting on ESG reporting and sustainable business practices.

This service will help you understand how sustainable you are today to then plan for the future.

You can then pursue this achievable strategy yourself, or with our help. Either way, you can move forward reassured your business is heading towards long-term success.

So, let’s look at the 5 key stages of the B Corp Ready process:  

Stage 1: Is the service right for you?

You need to be assured that our B Corp Ready service is the best fit for you, so we have developed a B Corp diagnosis to be certain your needs will be met, and your expectations are delivered.

Expect questions like “why did you decide to go down the sustainability path?” , "what outcomes do you expect?" , as well as more specific questions on your environment and employee metrics.

This is our way of making sure that you benefit from our services and can assess how we can tailor it to meet your needs.

Stage 2: Get started on your sustainability journey

The B Corp Ready service will give you an understanding of your sustainability today and a roadmap to integrate sustainability within your business. You can choose whether you would prefer to integrate sustainability independently of B Corp, or go down the certification route.

The choice is a personal one.  We start your journey with us by providing a short explainer of what B Corp is and what it means for businesses like yours

Stage 3: Map out your sustainability journey

At this stage, you should now have some solid ideas of goals in mind for your business's sustainable future, have tested your learning and be clear on how sustainability could integrate across your business.

Now you are ready to uncover your sustainable impact with our Discovery session.

Of course, Profit Impact will guide you through this session with a video call for approximately 2 hours.

We will discover what sustainability type you are by reflecting on what existing sustainability strategy your business has operated with, this is an imperative step before the written report.

Understanding what key sustainability pillars need improving and what barriers you are currently facing is the first course of action. We can then work together to overcome and improve them.  

Step 4: Business Impact Assessment

We will use the BIA framework which is a free tool provided by B Corp to work through your impact today.  This usually takes 3 to 4 hours and can be done through the course of two or three video calls booked at times to suit you.

Once we finish this assessment you will be provided with a provisional score and you will know how you compare to a B Corp certified business.

Stage 5: Goals and integration plan

The final step of the service is to work with you to provide tailored goals across your business.  These may relate to your environment, your communities, your people, your customers and your governance.  We will work closely together to decide how we can best create a tangible impact for your business that aligns with your business strategy and your business values.

At this point, you can decide to work further with Profit Impact and we can help you to integrate your sustainability strategy. Equally, if this is something that you feel you have the skills, know-how and resource within your business to complete successfully we can hand the reins over to you.

We will leave you with a practical integration plan which you can use to embed your sustainability strategy into your business alongside some key policies and templates which will help you along the way.

Of course, Profit Impact will continue to be by your side and provide you with some tailored advice as and when you need us.


A year from now... Imagine a business that people were proud to be involved in and willing to support you in your mission.

Imagine yourself as a happier, healthier leader having proved the value of your business to all stakeholders now and in the future.

A year from now, you'd wish you started today.

Our sustainability B Corp Ready service will enable you to start easily today. You can sign up here.