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Sarah Whale

Sarah is an Impact Consultant and the founder of Profit Impact.

She spent over a decade in operational finance, qualified in sustainable finance at Cambridge Institute and is a proud B Leader; a training programme, designed by B Lab UK, to empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification. 

Sarah leads on sustainability matters for ACCA in The Practice Room – global peer to peer community discussions dedicated to supporting small and medium sized practices.

Carra Santos

Carra is a sustainable futures educator and strategist.

Combining a Masters in Sustainable Development in Practice with a twenty-year career in the creative industries.

She works closely with industry leaders, educators and advisors, sparking discussions about what lies ahead and why it matters - then working together to shape a thriving future for all.

Carra is a Design Council Expert (Specialist) and a fellow of the RSA.

SME Corporate Governance Checklist

SME Corporate Governance Checklist

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