Your Environmental Impact

Rising sea levels could impact 1 billion people by the year 2050

Changes in water temperature causes algae to leave coral reefs, turning them white and making them vulnerable to disease and death—a phenomenon known as coral bleaching.

Arctic sea ice recedes every summer, but still covers millions of square miles of ocean today. But the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth and ice-free summers could become a reality.

Heat waves will become more frequent and severe around the world, affecting hundreds of millions—or even billions—of people if we don’t act.

Global warming increases the risk of more frequent—and heavier—rainfall, snowfall, and other precipitation. And as that risk increases, so too does the risk of flooding.

As the earth continues to warm, crucial habitats may no longer be hospitable for certain animals or plants. This puts a variety of species at risk, depending on whether they can adapt or move.

goals we've set for profit impact

Goal 1: at least 80% of our energy usage will be from renewable energy

Goal 2: a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions

Outcome: the environment is not negatively affected by Profit Impact's existence