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We exist to partner with you to measure and grow your positive social, environmental and financial impacts.

Our Story

We launched in the Summer of 2020, are based in the UK and operate as a remote-first business.

Recognising the changes in the world around us we could see that the purpose of finance is changing too.

The UK's Investment Association reported a record inflow of £7.1 billion in responsible or sustainable funds in 2020, which is nearly four times the £1.9B that flowed into the first three quarters of 2019.
Financial sustainability is a reflection that the success of a business comes from more than just thinking about the money.

With financial success you can thrive and grow but it's equally important to understand, measure and manage your social and environmental impacts to be sure decisions you make today are making the future brighter for society and our planet.

We are a team on an important journey which we’ll travel with fun and kindness.  

Meet Our Team

Sarah is a financial sustainability professional and has worked for many years supporting start-ups, SMEs and corporates. Sarah has a personal passion for gender equality and supporting our young adults.

Sarah enjoys yoga, photography and the occasional gin and tonic.

She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, 3 children and a tortoise.

Sarah Whale

Jimmy has an interesting marketing career history from being a CEO, to working as a voice actor.

In his spare time, he can be found writing anything from human-centric drama, to high fantasy featuring the likes of dragons.

He lives in the mountains of Wales with his grandfather, with the goal of moving somewhere more urban in the future.

Jimmy Sherwood
marketing executive

Aaron is responsible for researching and interpreting all information relevant to
what we do.

He recently graduated from the University of Southampton with a degree in Economics and Finance.

Outside of work, you can find Aaron's head in a book or out on the golf course.

Aaron Walker
research analyst

Natasha is a qualified accountant and governance specialist, with 20 years of experience in organisations ranging from domestic start-ups to multinational corporations. Working in commercial finance roles that support boards to develop a business strategy in diverse sectors including media, technology, and the NHS.

She lives in Surrey and has two rescue cats.

financial sustainability consultant

Rishi is an Economics Graduate who works as our technology executive at Profit Impact.

He lives in Rickmansworth and has a part time DJ career.

Rishi Kotecha
Technology executive

Our Impact

3% of our revenue is donated to Trussell Trust. Trussell Trust are on a mission to end hunger and poverty in the UK. Sadly since the onset of Covid-19 there has been a 33% increase in food parcels distributed in the UK.

We are passionate about creating a bright future for the younger generations and have created 3 Kickstart roles to give them the opportunity to learn and grow over a 6 month programme.

As a female founded business we know how hard it can be for women to overcome personal and inherent social challenges to launch and grow their own businesses. We are putting plans in place to make financial sustainability that little bit easier for female founders.

We keep our environmental impact low by doing very little commuting and using refurbished hardware. We still have more work to do achieve our net zero goal by the end of 2021.

We have achieved B Corp pending accreditation and Sarah, our founder, is a B Leader. B Leader is a training programme designed by B Lab UK that equips sustainability professionals with the tools and knowledge to guide businesses through the B Corp certification process.

You can read more about our sustainability goals here.



As part of our commitment to our people, planet and profit we have agreed our own goals for the coming year​.

These goals also form part of our B Corp pending accreditation, we are targeting to become an accredited B Corp in Spring 2021.

Our Belief

We believe if you commit to your social and environmental impact you will maximise your chances of long term financial success.

45% B Corp SMEs have applied for, or received, R&D tax credits in the past 3 years, compared to 6% of the wider SME population

84% B Corp SMEs claim that they have introduced new or significantly improved goods or services in the last three years, versus 41% of all SMEs.

Source B Lab UK 2021

Our Values

Trusted partner

We are your go-to trusted partner. We provide transparent and factual information based on research and data. 

Solution oriented

We constantly look for ways to improve our products and services to support your mission to impact positively on planet, people and profit.


We are keen advocates of financial sustainability and the long term benefits this brings. We are also aware of the challenges faced by  businesses to balance short term financial constraints. We're here to help you find a way through,

Always learning

Investing time in training our teams keeping up to speed with technology and the sustainability landscape. We always listen carefully to our customers to help us maximise your impact.



Our Customers

Our solutions are most valuable to 2 groups of businesses:

Businesses who sell sustainable products or services who may be looking for support to manage their financial growth, impact and sustainability reporting.

Professional service businesses who are looking to understand their sustainability readiness and implement a sustainable plan for their future. Sectors include; accounting practices, technology and SaaS, legal, marketing and recruitment agencies.

Is understanding and managing your impact important to you?

Are your investors, customers or employees looking for you to evidence your sustainability?

We would love to help you.

Give us a call on 01442 974683 or email us at business@profit-impact.co.uk

Be the change

the world wants to see

“Net zero transition represents the greatest commercial opportunity of our time”
Mark Carney, November 2020

In 2018, 44 UK B Corps had recertified since launch. The average growth in revenue for these companies over 2 years is 28% (14% p.a.) B LAB UK

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