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We’re the partner that can help you achieve social, environmental & financial success in equal measure, because we know that true business performance comes from thinking about more than just the money

We can help you with your B Corp certification, virtual FD support and identify commercial sustainability metrics that measure more than just your financial performance

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We exist to partner with you to help you achieve social, environmental & financial success in equal measure.


We have a practical approach which combines the human touch, technology and guided learning.

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The Founder

I am an experienced, and pragmatic, senior finance professional with a passion to use numbers to help businesses grow both their own value and their impact on society and the environment.

To support our customers I've added to my broad financial knowledge a grounding in sustainability through the B Corp B leader and the CISL sustainable finance programs.

We absolutely need to make change in the world. Through progressive business practices, good governance, innovation and growth business has the power to influence this change.

I believe if you commit to your social and environmental impact you will maximise your chances of long term financial success

However my years of experience operating at the heart of business has given me an understanding that Rome was not built in a day.

Careful planning, learning and collaboration is what is needed if we want to do a job here, and do it well.

Choose a time here which suits you for us to have a chat. Alternatively call me today on 01442 974683, email or connect with me on LinkedIn

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Our Philosophy

The phrase coined by the British Academy "profitably solving the problems of people and planet, and not profiting from creating problems" sums up perfectly our ambition for our customers and ourselves.

We tailor our services to meet you where you are today. We work hard at keeping things as simple and practical as we can.

We use technology wherever possible to help our partnership work efficiently. However we don't underestimate the need for live conversation with you to make sure we have common understanding, are learning together and having fun.

The power of open communication, collaboration and playing the long game will maximise both your chances of success and of enjoying your journey with us.


Sustainability Consulting

Guided Learning

Virtual Finance Director

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Our  Customers

Our solutions are most valuable to 2 groups of businesses:

Businesses who sell sustainable products or services who may be looking for support to manage their financial growth, impact and sustainability reporting.

Professional service businesses who are looking to understand their sustainability readiness and implement a sustainable plan for their future. Sectors include; accounting practices, technology and SaaS businesses, legal firms, marketing and recruitment agencies.

If you are a business who already has a finance team, we can support your team to develop their sustainability measures and reporting.

If you'd like to understand how we can help you please give us a call on 01442 974683 or email us at

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